We take our puppies health very seriously. As the humans responsible for bringing these dogs into existence, we believe it is our duty to set them up for the happiest and healthiest life possible. Healthy puppies are easy to come by, but sadly down the road lies a journey of heartbreak for many dog owners due to the lax breeding standards of many "Breeders" and well-intended individuals breeding without knowledge. While many accidents and illnesses are unavoidable, we do our part in producing lines with longevity and health by ensuring rigorous health testing for both parents, as well as proper sanitization of whelping areas, bio-security practices, and health care for puppies. Because of our standards, we feel confident to guarantee our dogs for both Genetic diseases as well as healthy hips. If at any time within the first two years of life the puppy experiences life altering genetic complications, we cover the veterinary costs associated with its care up to the purchase price of the puppy upon veterinary confirmation, according to our contract.