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Sarah & Christian Vold 

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~ We welcome you to come visit us and would be honored to show you around our little farm! To protect the safety of our dogs our address is only given to those with arrangements to view our farm or who have a deposit on a puppy. Please contact us for that information. For parvo prevention please be prepared to change into our sanitized footwear and we do ask that you wear clothing that has not been touched by other dogs. Unvaccinated puppies will not be shown to the public. Unfortunately, no outside dogs or pets can be brought with you for this reason as well, so we ask you leave your furry family at home.  

We trust that no individual would intentionally bring disease onto our farm, however parvo virus can last YEARS in the contaminated area. If you have been in a public park or space and accidentally stepped in an area a parvo positive dog (who may not be symptomatic) defecated in, that virus can live on your shoes for years to come and can have devastating impacts on our dogs, especially those too young to be vaccinated. Please understand that we need to protect our dogs in every way possible, which will give you great confidence in bringing home a safe, healthy puppy! for these reasons, we ask you be understanding about our preventative measures. We take pride in how our dogs are cared for and we do want to show you around-  in the safest way possible!