Our Dogs






Our beautiful clover has a personality that is hard to resist. This loving and kind girl is also as loyal as they come. Clover enjoys cuddles on the couch with netflix, and if there is someone trying to sneak under our covers its clover. Clover is one of our smartest dogs and is an incredibly fast learner. Her bright personality makes her the perfect companion. 







There is only one word really needed to describe Meadow, and that is- HAPPY. Always with a smile on her face, Meadow is the perfect mix of lazy and playful. She loves to play with the kids in the yard, and shower guests with kisses. She is always up for a hike but loves to sleep away the afternoon. This lovable ball of fluff has made it her life's mission to make people laugh with her goofy personality and huge heart. she thrives off affection, and will be the first one in your lap, begging for a belly rub!



Keiko has fast stolen our hearts! Coming to us and raised by our close friends at Aspen Ridge Labradoodles, Keiko is the sweetest of ladies. She is gentle and reserved, and is never far from my side. She is incredibly loyal and became a fast favorite. Her meek personality makes her a wonderful lap warmer, and that's where she usually is...except for at night, when she is on my pillow instead! 



Pepsi is one lovable dude! This guy is most likely to be found sleeping on the couch in front of the fire, snuggled up with his human. He loves hikes with his dog "brother" and has an easy going and laid-back personality. Pepsi lives with his family in Barriere BC and we are proud to have him as a part of our program. Not only does Pepsi give his fantastic personality, he also gives a wide variety of coat colors to his offspring.


Pepsi is co-owned with Aspen Ridge Labradoodles


*Pepsi is available for stud services to health tested females