Our Beliefs

~The righteous care for the needs of their animals~ proverbs 12:10a



Our dogs are more then our lifestyle, They are family.


Our dogs are our passion, our family, and our livelihood. We believe it is our moral responsibility to provide the utmost care to our dogs. We owe it to the generations after them to ensure a lifetime of health and happiness through the best care, rigorous health testing, quality veterinary care, and a lifetime of owner support.


Our girls are provided the best quality comfort care we can give. Our dogs do not spend their life in a kennel. They live day to day in our busy household, as family pets, being loved on and cuddled as valued members of our family. They love going for car rides and walks and love a good hike in the woods behind our home. Our puppies are raised in our home, being handled daily and thoroughly exposed to children. please see our Puppy Curriculum page on ways we give our babies the best possible start in life.


We believe in the importance of quality veterinary and health care. Our dog's physical health and emotional happiness are our two biggest concerns at Animal Ark Acres, and the two often overlap. We rely on an excellent veterinary team to provide the utmost care for our dogs. We will never breed if posing a risk to the mother or against veterinary advise. We also believe in quality care for each of our pups and spare no expense in ensuring their health and safety. 


All our dogs undergo both genetic and OFA health testing with our veterinarian before being considered for our breeding program. Dogs hold such a special position in a family, and we do everything in our power to ensure our puppies are set up for the heathiest and longest life possible by doing our part in bettering the genetic pool of the breed. please see our health guarantee page for more information on our promise to you. 


When we produce a puppy, we believe that dog is our responsibility from conception until their last breath. All our puppies go home with a no-transfer agreement. If the unthinkable happens and a home is no longer able to keep their dog, all our dogs are welcome back with no questions asked. We will seek the best veterinary treatment, and re-training options before finding a new home for the individual. All our puppies leave microchipped, with new owners being the primary contact and ourselves as an emergency contact, so that no matter where life takes you, we can make sure you are reunited with your pet. This also ensures if one of our dogs ever finds itself surrendered to a shelter we will be contacted to reclaim the dog, footing the bill of their care. Anytime we can be of assistance during your journey of dog ownership, we encourage you to reach out so that we can encourage and support you. We love hearing from our puppy families, and it brings us great joy when one reaches out with an update or a picture! 

Each puppy litter has its own (private) Facebook group so littermate owners can connect and encourage one another. This group starts with everyone on the reserve list for that litter who has placed their deposit, with daily "pup-dates" from myself as the dogs grow from birth to their go-home day at 8 weeks. This way families can be a part of the process from pregnancy right through to "gotcha day". This is also a great place to share your growing puppy photos after they come home! We also encourage the use of using the tag @Animalarkacres on Instagragram so we can see your journey! 


We are honored you would consider one of our puppies to be a part of your family, and we take our job very seriously. We believe a family dog is one of the greatest gifts, and your puppies health and safety is our passion. While puppies bring such great joy, bringing new life into this world is serious and momentous, and we do not take our roll lightly.  

We can't wait to meet you and get to be a part of this magnificent journey with you and your family!


Sarah Vold,

Animal Ark Labradoodles