Be a part of our breeding program!

We would love to partner with you using our guardian home program!

*We are currently full on our guardian program and will be looking again in 2025*


The guardian home model is something we believe is an essental part of an ethical breeding program , as it gives each mother dog the opportunity to have her own individual family, visiting us back here on the farm for breeding purposes. We do not have dogs in kennels, and believe every dog deserves a loving spot on someone's lap- especially mama dogs!  

If you are looking into being a guardian home, we ask that you live within 100 k of Barriere BC, own your own home or have a long-term living situation, and love dogs! This is a great way to experience the joy of having a litter without all the expense and knowledge needed. Guardian homes enjoy raising a top quality dog, right from a puppy and all the other joys that having a dog brings, with no purchase cost. The dog is part of the guardian home for life- with breeding rights reserved by us for a limited number of litters.  All health testing including OFA and genetic screening is paid for by us, with routine veterinary care, food, and grooming costs being covered by the guardian family. During whelping the dog stays in our home to give birth and wean (typically 8 weeks) with visits from her family being very welcome!  After a pre-determined amount of litters, typically two, the dog is spayed at our cost and paperwork is transferred to the guardian family. If raising a puppy is a little too much to embark on and you would like to add an adult dog to your home, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate raising the guardian puppy for you, including housebreaking and basic command training. 


Please contact us for more information on our guardian home program, as each situation is individual.